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The price of gas is currently influencing many people to reconsider how they heat by gas. Flued gas fires produce lots of Carbon Monoxide and Dioxide that needs to be vented up a chimney to be safe. In the process some 70% of the energy in the gas is wasted. Flue-less gas fires are designed to burn the gas with a minimal production of these gases, making them safe to use in open living areas.

Our flue-less gas fires all use the legendary Infiniti Fires Flame Dancer mechanism. These industry leading burners produce absolutely minimal quantities of Carbon Monoxide and Dioxide making them very safe to use. They have become the burner of choice by many specialist fireplace shops.

Our fires are designed to look as realistic as possible in terms of simulating a real coal or log fire burning. However, in creating this effect they produce a fair amount of carbon monoxide/dioxide which needs to be vented up a chimney.

Generally speaking some 60% of the potential heat from our flued gas fires is lost up the chimney. This is balanced with a zero fume dispersion into the room. This means that our flued gas fires are completely odourless and are the right choice for bedrooms, small rooms or where people are asthmatic.

The construction of our flued unit ensures the most natural looking flame pattern in a non wood burning fire.

Furthermore the firebox allows any of the optional frame styles to be fitted to it, even after construction is complete. This gives the homeowner the flexibility of changing the look of the fire at any time, by changing the frame and door and/or the gas grate.

For the developer, it allows them to build in a standard firebox and fit the frame and grate option selected by the house purchaser on completion of building.

Choice of fuel effect:

  • Coal / Log or White Pebble

Heating Capacity

  • 3-4kw, 90-130m³ dependant on model chosen.



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