Freestanding Wood Stoves

The ever increasing price of electricity has pushed the cost of heating a home by electricity to unsustainable levels. This coupled with increasing awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, has led to a demand for a cost effective way of heating homes, that is environmentally aware. Wood stoves have been used in Europe for the last 150 years as a much more efficient source of heat. These remarkable units are designed to burn wood slowly, with minimal emissions into the atmosphere and lots of heat.

Infiniti Fires has extended its range of wood stoves to encompass:

  • 8 & 12kw freestanding units.

When buying wood in bulk (Typically 1 ton loads) these units will provide heat at about 25c per kwhr, one quarter the price of electricity & one seventh the price of Flueless gas appliances.



A full vermiculite jacket inside the fire. This insulating material raises the combustion temperature inside the fire to in excess of 950°C. At these temperatures the wood burns highly efficiently sending very little emissions into the atmosphere. The high temperature combustion sends about 70% of the heat of the fire out through the glass door as an infrared light wave. This enables the heat to travel long distances across the room and keeps the heat down where you want it, particularly important in open plan/double volume spaces.

A long, slow burn time so that the fire can comfortably burn through the night or whilst we are out during the day. We have found that with a full load of good quality wood, the 8kw stove can burn at slow pace for up to 12 hours and the 13kw stove up to 15. Feats hitherto unheard of on any wood stove sold in South Africa.

Our freestanding wood stoves all have rear heat deflector plates enabling them to be installed 150 mm off plaster walls. A snug fit for best look.

Effective July 2016, all our wood stoves use the lower cooler handle, double locking door closure mechanism and improved construction techniques giving better durability.

Our Stainless Steel Leg Units come as standard with the Stainless Steel Door Handle. Should clients require a Stainless Steel Door Handle on our other wood stoves it is available as an optional extra.



Our 8 Kw freestanding unit has been updated for 2016. It now has;

  • A lower, cooler handle for easier opening
  • A double locking, door closure mechanism for a better seal
  • An improved method of making the firebox, giving better durability

It comes standard with an option of installing it with 80 mm high legs, or by the fitting of a steel closure plate, to change to a more modern look.

These units can be installed on a non-combustible surface (ceramic tiles, brick hearth, steel or glass floor plate…) or can be installed on top of our optional wood storage table.

Heating Capacity

  • 8kw / 320m³.


In 2016 we have taken our popular selling 10 Kw insert unit and converted it in a stylish freestanding option, available with either black or stainless steel legs.

These units have the same door handles, door closure mechanism and construction techniques as our 8 & 13 Kw units.

The Stainless Steel Leg version comes standard with a stainless steel door handle and black border glass.

Heating Capacity

  • 10kw / 400m³.


The long sleek look of these units with the large glass area, make these units popular sellers to heat open plan spaces. The larger glass not only gives a marvellous view of the flames, but enables the heat to travel quicker across large spaces.

Our 13 Kw Convection Unit is designed to stand on any non combustible floor surface or alternatively on our Wood Storage box.

Heating Capacity

  • 13kw / 520m³.



Our Double Sided Convection Unit can be positioned on a non-combustible surface (ceramic tiles, brick hearth, steel or glass floor plate…) or can be installed on top of our optional wood storage table.

The view of the fire from both sides makes this unit excellent as a room divider for open plan spaces, as well as allowing the infra red heat being emitted through the two glass panels, to travel rapidly in both directions to heat open plan spaces quickly.



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