Sleeper Wood Doors

Add character to your property with a sleeper wood door.

The following are a few examples of our doors. Remember you can design your own and have full say on color, finishes (rough/smooth) and dimensions. For more examples and finishes please see our gallery for more samples.

Please contact us for stable doors, gates and door frames.

20170217_112631_resized Door recently completed for a customer


Standard Door

820mm (W) x 2,030mm (H) x 38mm (Thickness)

Choose your finishes which can be rough, smooth or a combination thereof.

Prices on Request


 Pivot Doors

1000mm x 2030mm

1,000mm to 1,800mm x 2,030mm

1,000mm to 1,200mm x 2,030mm

Prices on Request



More designs according to your specification.

Available in single and double doors, please contact us for a free Quotation.