Some Inspiration & Ideas


With the Internet the world have become a much smaller place. One can now go all over the world in one click and get that inspiration juices flowing!

For your convenience we have surfed the web for new ideas and inspiration. The following pages give one some ideas on what one can do with fine-looking wood and its texture.


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Relaxation can be achieved in a variety of forms of which bathing is definite one. Wood has a great effect in modern decors as it adds authenticity and personality.

Lounge and Family Room

Wooden furniture creates easy and natural living conditions. It is exceptionally durable and easy to clean. Dusting your furniture regularly and oiling it four times a year will ensure it lasts a lifetime. It will bring an opulent look to your home, in addition to being environmentally friendly


The main advantage of wood furniture is its look. A whole house filled with steel and glass furniture would sometimes look cold, uncomfortable and uninviting, while a home with some wood furniture would always look welcoming. The key is to combine as much wooden furniture with a few modern pieces made from glass and steel to blend an eclectic look and achieve a perfect design.


International research shows that recycling, re-purposing and reusing old furniture and home decor accessories will be popular modern interior design trends in 2014. All decor items and materials that at first appear to be old, used or useless will add beauty to home interiors, enhanced with creative interior design and decorating ideas that help reuse and recycle these items. The added benefit of railway sleeper wood is the limited availability in the future which will insure a substantial increase in value


Wooden outside furniture blends with the green grass and other colors in the garden to create a more natural feel and atmosphere. This is a definite an advantage over metal, plastic and glass.



Wood in the kitchen creates that special country atmosphere and grace in a home.  The coziness and warmth it reflects guarantees wonderful times to be cherished forever.


Wood in the bar area adds to the feeling of style, comfort and warmth. Nothing beats the class of a sleeper wood bar.